What We Covered In The Training

The Modern Birth Professional Toolkit:

Training on how to use modern technology and tools to provide support to expectant + new parents and increase value for your business

We understand you're busy! So we've included the times in the training where we talk about the specific main topics below. Just skip ahead to the parts that feels relevant for you: 
  • Where the birth world is with education now (8:01) 
  • The "Early Adopter Curve" and why it is important for your business (11:03)
  • Online marketing and why video content and being mobile friendly is so important for your business (13:42)
  • How to leverage social media and set yourself apart (19:20)
  • How to be more productive so that you can reach more clients (26:51)
  • How to become an industry leader using tech (36:41)
  • Modern tools to use as a birth professional in your business (38:52)
  • What BirthBabyBody has to offer to birth professionals (41:21) 
We included key points in this training you can apply to your business or practice today! We want you to take away a renewed sense of being able to help more new families while also increasing value for your business. We hope you can join our mission to offer more support and resources to help families thrive. 
Sofia + Katherine
BirthBabyBody Co-Founders

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#1: 60-Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session With Productivity/Life Coach and BirthBabyBody Co-founder, Sofia Salazar (available to the first 5 members to join before Oct. 5th)
#2: All Access Marketing Kit including 50+ Tools To Help You Market Your Business While Increasing Your Perceived Value
#3: Live Q & A with co-founders Dr. Katherine Melot & Sofia Salazar
What a Member Had to Say About Coaching with Sofia

-Carla Carruth, Doula and BirthBabybody PRO Member

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Current Classes
  • Postpartum Fitness: Getting back into exercise after having a baby (May Release)

  • Creating Extraordinary Relationships: Even In The Early Years Of Parenting (May Release)

  • Create A Postpartum Care Plan: Preparing for Birth Recovery and Life with a Newborn

  • Infant Massage Techniques

  • Babywearing 101

  • Getting to Know Your Pelvic Floor

To Be Released Fall 2019
  • Montessori 101: How to Create An Effective Learning Environment For Your Child (0-3 years old)

  • Kinesiology Taping: Help Pregnancy And Postpartum Pain

Upcoming 2020
  • Infant CPR and First Aid

  • Car Seat Safety

  • Newborn Care

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