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  • Melanie Wattles

5 Tips To Help Calm Your Baby

As a new parent, it can be heart-wrenching to hear your little one cry, especially when you feel you've tried everything to help them calm down. Try these go-to strategies to help soothe your baby.

  1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MET YOUR BABY'S NEEDS : Is you Baby wet / dirty / hungry / tired / bored /hot /cold / in pain? Try to identify why your baby is crying or fussy

  2. SOUNDS: Try playing music that is calming and relaxing to you and your baby. That might be lullaby music or nursery rhymes, classical or rock music. You can also try white noise machines and try rain or the ocean or a heartbeat

  3. SMELLS: Try using a room spray or diffuser and use essential oils. Lavender and chamomile are calming and relaxing, peppermint and eucalyptus can help a congested baby. Make sure there is a large enough area so the oils are not too concentrated over the baby.

  4. SWADDLING: Some babies love to be tightly wrapped so try using a swaddle blanket or sleep sack.

  5. MASSAGE YOUR BABY: Massage can be very calming and relaxing for both you and your baby. Try the teething massage, facial and chest massage for congestion and gas and colic routine for gas, colic and constipation and ear rubs for sleep. Learn all of these massages in BirthBabyBody's Infant Massage Basics online class by Melanie Wattles, certified infant massage therapist and owner of Baby Strokes: Infant & Child Massage Instruction based in Austin, TX.

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