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Everything new parents need to know in one place

Newborn & Toddler Care

Infant Massage 101

Help Your Baby Relax Get Rid Of Gas + Colic

(1 hour online class)

Babywearing 101

Learn How To Confidently Wear Your Baby

(1 hour online class)

Montessori 101

Learn How To Foster Independence In Your Child

(1 hour online class)

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Parent Care

Postpartum Care Plan

Learn To Create A Postpartum Care Plan & Prepare for Birth Recovery

(1 hour online class)

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Fitness After Baby

A Fitness Program For Returning To Exercise After Having A Baby (0-18 Weeks Postpartum)

(1.5 hour online class)

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Pelvic Floor Health

Getting To Know Your Pelvic Floor: Understanding How Pregnancy & Birth Affects The Pelvic Floor

(45 min. online class)

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Creating Extraordinary Relationships: Even When The Early Years Of Parenting Have You Feeling Disconected

(30 min. online class)

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Parent Membership
Unlimited Access To All Of Our Classes For A Year
One Time Purchase
12 Monthly Payments
*After purchase instructions will be sent to your email to access your membership
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What Are Parents Saying About Us?

I've always wanted to take Melanie's class in person, but as a busy mom and business owner my time is limited. This course gave me the flexibility to complete the lessons on my own schedule and revisit the content as needed.


Excellent course. Lot's of useful and interesting information. I found it very helpful even though I am 10 years postpartum!


I would absolutely recommend this class for the good amount of information in a short amount of time. Great for new parents, caregivers, or even as a nice refresher who have maybe done some massage in the past but want to remember go-to maneuvers. 


Executive Membership

Offer BirthBabyBody courses to your team of employees.

Professional Membership

Are you a Birth or Parenting Professional? Access our classes for professional development and client access.

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