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Learn How to Turn Your Current In-Person Classes Into Online Classes

Hosted by Sofia Salazar, productivity coach and co-founder of BirthBabyBody—a hub of online classes for expectant and new parents. Sofia has spent the last 2 years at BirthBabyBody turning in-person classes into online classes for birth and parenting professionals. As a productivity coach, Sofia has helped small business owners reach their goals of turning their valuable knowledge into workshops and online classes.




What you’ll Learn in this Free Masterclass 


  1. How to plan out your class to transition online

  2. How to use the equipment you already have in your home or office to get started on filming

  3. What free tools exist out there to publish your course online

  4. How to create an ongoing revenue stream with your online classes

  5. Productivity tips for working remotely while you build your online content

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