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Customized Fitness for You

Our gym space is women focused with specialized trainers who desire to help you accomplish your goals, no matter what stage of parenthood you are in. Whether it be one of Group ClassesOpen Gym, or a Personal Training session. We can support your specific health objectives. We strive for our space to be welcoming to parents and their children! We never want the stress of arranging childcare to get in the way of your work out. We have space for them to play!
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Classes We Offer:


Work It: Strength and conditioning class to build muscle and joint strength, as well as tone.  


Sweat It: High intensity interval training to get the blood flowing and burn calories.

Pulse It: An upbeat Pilates mat class set to energizing music. You will be challenged with your own body and the use of traditional equipment in this fast paced workout. With core focused moves, you will have fun and feel the burn!. 

Punch It: Come in and hit the punching bag and burn calories


Dance It: This class will give you a little cardio, a little dancer strength training, and teach you an artistic art form that is fun and empowering. We will do an NFL Cheerleader warmup, ballet technique, learn turns and leaps, & a jazz dance combo. No experience necessary!

Kill It w/Katherine: If you've ever taken a bootcamp with Dr. Melot, you know what to expect! If you're new here, expect a variety of exercises that will be sure to push you to your limits! 


We want to make our fitness experience feel personable and safe to all participants. Because of this, we are limiting class sizes to no more than 10 people per session. 

Drop Off Childcare

Children are always welcome in the gym! But we also offer drop off childcare options during some of our classes! 

9:00am - 1:00pm Tuesday

9:00am - 1:00pm Thursday


$5/hr each additional child

*childcare can also be utilized for clinic services - massages, personal training, and adjustments

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Hand Weights


Drop in Class: $20

4 Class Package: $70

8 Class Package: $130

Personal Training Session: $100/hr

Unlimited Monthly Membership: $175/month PLUS one time $40 joining fee

***no minimum contract required! ***