Postnatal rehabilitation using interactive neuromuscular stimulation

Defeat Diastasis Program

By using direct current stimulation unit for Diastasis Recti, along with traditional postnatal rehabilitative exercises, we are able to help you "find" your transverse core muscles instantly, contract and activate them more efficiently, and increase muscle strength 2x - 4x as fast. Our state of the art technology uses a unique form of neuromuscular re-education, giving us the ability to increase the intensity of core muscle activation and challenge your core muscles as if they were under extremely heavy loads, but without having to use as much weight with its associated risks of injury.  Direct current stimulates the neurological system, you're able to get a full muscle contraction while still maintaining functional movement patterns at high intensities.

Our an 8 week program using direct current electrical stimulation to
activate core muscles and cut healing time in HALF!


The program consists of 16 rehabilitative sessions total
(50 minute sessions - 2x a week)


"I went from a 3 finger gap to totally closed"

"I started the diastasis program after three months of regular physical therapy did not help me close up my diastasis. I LOVED how the NeuX machine helped me to find and activate my abs. I went from a 3 finger gap to being totally closed after going through the defeat diastasis program. I still continue to work out with the NeuX once a week because I love how it helps me get the most out of my work outs."


What is Interactive
Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS)? 

Our Diastasis program is powered by NeuX technology. 

A unique summing of two waveforms, interactive neuromuscular stimulation is the combination of a high frequency alternating current waveform and a lower frequency pulsed direct current waveform. The outcome is a much smoother, more refined stimulus that is more effective than devices that use only a pulsed direct current. 

INS allows the client to search the body and identify not only the area of known dysfunction, but also the undetected dysfunctional tissue. It is imperative that the root cause be located in order to achieve successful rehabilitation, and INS does just that: the technology innervates muscle tissue in the area of dysfunction and the individual muscle at the root cause of the pain can be identified.

The NeuX treatment requires the INS stimulus to be applied to the dysfunctional tissue sites as the patient simultaneously performs the appropriate movement pattern, using the proper mechanics. The patient benefits from the traditional outcomes of physical therapy, which include muscle strengthening, increased range of motion and motor learning; however, with Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation, better results are achieved exponentially faster and with longer lasting effects.