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Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Classes

Work It

Strength and conditioning class to build muscle and joint strength. Combat joint issues and osteoporosis by including resistance training.



This class is suitable for all stages of prenatal and postpartum. 

Sweat It

High intensity interval training to get the blood flowing and burn calories. Done in circuit fashion to keep heart rate up and get your sweat on.  



This class is suitable for all stages of prenatal and postpartum.

Pulse It

An upbeat Pilates mat class set to energizing music. You will be challenged with your own body and the use of traditional equipment in this fast paced workout. With core focused moves, you will have fun and feel the burn!



This class is suitable for all stages of prenatal and postpartum.

Punch It

A fun way to burn some calories and work out some frustration and add some variety to your fitness. Or maybe you’ve Always wanted to try to hit a punching bag.



This class is an intermediate to advanced class more suitable for early stages of pregnancy. 

Classes We Offer:

Kill It

Want to do anything and everything and have your booty kicked? Dr. Melot designs this class in a bootcamp style class to be a challenge and leave you feeling the workout in the best ways. At the mercy of her creativity, come in and be ready to do whatever she wants to do… could be boxing, HIIT, weights… come and find out!



This class is designed for intermediate to advanced participants.

Defeat It

Similar to our Defeat Diastasis program, this program is designed to help heal the separation of the abdominals. This class is designed for three different stages: If you are pregnant and want to work on strengthening your core in a safe way for labor; you are left with a gap postpartum; or you’ve graduated from the program and want to keep up your rehab to keep your core engaged.



This is a class safe for the most beginner or intermediate and maintenance goal-oriented mama.

Dance It

This class will give you a little cardio, a little dancer strength training, and teach you an artistic art form that is fun and empowering. We will do an NFL Cheerleader warmup, ballet technique, learn turns and leaps, & a jazz dance combo. No experience necessary!



This class is suitable for all stages of prenatal and postpartum. 

Mobilize It

Got some tight or stuck areas on your body that you want to release? This slow paced class is designed to help the targeted areas of your body related to daily aches and pains, as well as specific to issues that flare up to body changes during pregnancy and postpartum. Let’s get some blood flowing to these areas by stretching, rolling, and trigger point release.



This class is suitable for all stages of prenatal and postpartum.

Safe and Effective 

Our gym space is women focused with specialized trainers. Whether you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or postpartum we are here to help!

We want to be a place you can feel comfortable to exercise in a way thats best suited for your body. Bring the kids, we have space for them to play or you can use our drop in childcare!
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Yoga Class

Pricing Options

Drop in Class: $20


4 Class Package: $70

8 Class Package: $130

Unlimited Monthly Membership*: $175/month + one time $40 joining fee

Personal Training Session: $100/hr

*Month to Month membership, no minimum contract required


Children are always welcome to be with you! But we also  offer childcare in the same suite as our fitness center while you use one of our services on the premise! 



Tuesday & Thursday

9:00am - 1:00pm




$5/hr each additional child